What we do

image001TCPA provides hands-on research experiences that permit the best students and graduates of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to apply concepts and skills learned in the classroom directly in development projects.  Students must be in good academic standing in order to apply for research assistantships.

The researchers of the Center have a strong commitment to development projects. The Center’s recent work has focused on research in the areas of civil society, education and local governance.

TCPA has produced dozens of project reports analyzing original data collected through surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and content analyses. TCPA researchers have used the skills they have developed in their studies to present their work in journals and at international conferences.

Many graduates of the College go on to positions in development programs funded by major donors such as the United States Agency for International Development, the European Union, and the United Nations.

Research Services:  The Center provides full research services from the development of reliable and valid measures and indicators and sample designs to complete quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report writing. The Center staff is expert in survey research and polling, focus groups, in-depth and semi-structured interviews, policy and legal analysis, and the use of SPSS for statistical analysis.