AUA TCPA has formed a research/working group on Small States Studies. The initiative aims to increase research and education in the field of Small States Studies. The primary focus of the Small States Studies concerns with particular challenges and constraints that small states face in all areas of public, political and international areas. The application of Small States Studies framework to Armenian context is important for understanding various challenges and problems of the state and discussing possible solutions. The study of the Republic of Armenia through the prism of small state theory can be a major value-added to Armenian studies, because small state theory touches upon a range of topics in the fields of International Relations, Political Science, Diaspora Studies, Economics, Public Administration, Law, Information and Technology. Despite its relevance and importance for Armenia’s development, the Small States Studies has so far not received enough attention in the Armenian academic discourse. Our initiative aims to fill the gap.

The initiative includes active cooperation with Center for Small State Studies (CSSS) at University of Iceland within the framework of Erasmus+ mobility project. We are open for broad interdisciplinary collaboration with individual researchers and centers specializing in small states studies.

The Armenian members of the research/working group:

 The international partners of the research/working group:

Contact person: Narek Mkrtchyan

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +37494540704