Policy Papers

Getting Trouble-Free from A to B: Using Yerevan’s Public Transport as a Tourist

Author: Taline Akkaya 1.Introduction In Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, about 43.8 % of the public transport relies on minibuses – small buses with limited space and insufficient safety precautions, which are a heritage from Soviet times (Yerevan Municipality,...
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Ready to be Smoke-free? Ensuring a Smooth Transition Towards Non-smoking Public Spaces in Armenia

Author: Liana Simonyan Abstract The adoption of policies banning smoking in public spaces is an essential step in having a healthier society. Armenia is going to ban smoking in public places starting from 2022. Before the implementation the state has...
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Improving the “Ejmiatsin-Yerevan-Ejmiatsin” Transport Route: Identifying Issues and Providing Solutions

Authors: Hovsep Kanadyan and Heghine Poghosyan    Introduction        “Is it after 8 pm already, and are you still in Yerevan? That is fine; you cannot go home”. The public transport from Ejmiatsin to...
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